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Tomoyoshi Shimizu(清水朝義)~Representative&Director


Tomoyoshi Shimizu worked for "Trading Post" as the select shop of outstanding import shoes in Japan 20 years.

He was engaged as a buyer, a planner , and a manager, more than 15 years.

Then he increased the number of shops 4 to 10 and he developed ”Trading Post” into well-known leading shoe shop chain in Japan.






Professional Experience                                                         


Life Gear Corporation, Tokyo as “Trading Post”                                  1995 to 2015

Role: Staff of Trading Post.                                                                   1995 to 1988

Role: Shop Manager of Trading Post Ginza                                          1988

Role: General Manager of Whole Trading Post                                     2000




  • Started handling “ALBARADEJO” (now “CARMINA”) first in Japan     2001
  •  Produced the masterpiece “AUDLEY” when a Shoe tree model 337 of Crockett & Jones UK was released.              2001
  • Planned “SWAN COLLECTION” by Crockett & Jones       2002
  •  Opened Trading Post AOYAMA as Flagship store      2003
  •  Started handling 1829 Collection of Tricker’s UK first in Japan
  •  Started handling Handsewin’s product line of German “Eduard Meier” (red tongue collection) first in Japan          2003
  •  Planned “DUKE COLLECTION” with shoe tree 10660/1 by Tricker’s    2003
  • Opened Trading Post OSAKA as Key Shop of West Japan        2004
  • Produced “G.RODSON” under the name “HOLLYWOOD COLLECTION” by “JOHN SPENCER” in UK  2004
  • Conducted moving Trading Post Ginza         2004
  • Developed “GUILD and Tricker’s” collaboration model at Trading Post         2005
  • Developed “GUILD and Crockett & Jones” collaboration model at Trading Post        2005
  • Developed “Original Last 360” by  Crockett & Jones UK        2006
  • Started handling men's shoes of Alberto Fasciani authentically in Japan        2008
  • Started handling “Dimitri Bottier” by Crockett & Jones first in Japan        2008
  • Developed “Saint Crispin’s” Australia first in Japan           2009
  • Started handling “ZONKEY BOOTS” Austria first in Japan      2011
  • Opened Trading Post KOBE        2012
  • Started handling “DOUCAL’S” first in Japan           2014
  • STARTED “BROSENT” in Tokyo         2016




Toshimitsu Honma(本間俊光)~Manager&Leather Meister

Toshimitsu Honma started work for R&D Co.Ltd. as an import agent of MELTONIAN in the UK, CORDONNERIE ANGLAISE in France and WOLY in Swiss(now in Germany).

The words to be called "Shoe care" and "Shoe maintenance " weren't so common around the year of 1995 in Japan.

Also, "shoes" meant discarding after a few years wearing. such culture still remained after the bubble economy in Japan.

And Japanese shoe polish makers recommended an easily way to polish shoes like "No need polish! Get shining just put cream on! " or "Get shining just spray it on!"  at that time.

But Toshimitsu enlightened what is the genuine shoe care in Japan.

He thought Japanese shoes culture is behind from European and American.

So, He wished that he wanted to show the splendor of shoes to people through the "Shoe care".

He has acted steadily for the purpose since 20 years ago.



Actual achievement past 20 years                                    

  • He was initiated into a technique by French maker "LA CORDONNERIE ANGLAISE.
  • He sends the words to be called "High-Shine" for the first time in Japan.  These words of the present become standard.
  • He is called the leading expert on the "Shoe care" in Japan
  • And he inherits all skill to Yoshio Yasutomi as " Mr. Shoe care", who brought a technique of "washing leather shoes with water" to Japan first time. Now the way to wash leather shoes with water is the standard in Japan.
  • He brought the aqueous type shoe cleaner to Japan for the first time. Now it is the standard in Japan.
  • He largely improved the demand for Shoe care item of imported brands.
  • He brought shoe cream application brushes to Japan for the first time. Now it is the standard in Japan.
  • He is the pioneer who performed a technical improvement seminar for a major apparel makers , department stores to succeed to his technique.
  • Many of the trainees of his seminar are independent as professional shoeblacks and own shops now.  
  • He began demonstration for the promotion of the shoe care as a pioneer in major apparel department stores to tell common customers how to care shoes.
  • This is the cause that many stores perform such demonstration now. .
  • He was a startup member of the M.Mowbray brand
  • Since the establishment, M.Mowbray became the top shoe care brand in Japan within one year.

Through his activity mentioned above, nobody spotlighted "shoe care" till then, changed remarkably after the time of 20 years in Japan.

The "shoe care" was accepted by the society and became a part of the fashion of the people who knew the need and pleasure.

His activity greatly contributes to having made the shoe care industry of Japan current standard.